Do you need to be Well-Architected?

The five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected framework

Operational Excellence

Pros and Cons of using AWS WA Tool


  1. Delivers an action plan with step-by-step guidance on areas for improvement on the existing architecture
  2. Understand and manage the risks in the customer technology portfolio
  3. Support continuous improvement throughout the workload life-cycle
  4. Allows you to monitor the status of multiple workloads across your organization
  1. Generic guidelines. Does not provide specific AWS service remediations for each of the pillars
  2. There is a learning curve for beginners.
  3. Prone to human error, since the WA review is purely based on manual input.
  4. The questionnaire wizard is too subjective. It demands the same set of questions to every architecture and offers a generic risk assessment and improvement plan.
  5. Only supports exporting the generated data into PDF format.

Introducing PatchDuty — Automated Well-Architected Module

PatchDuty Automated Well-Architected Module was created to help cloud security consultants and administrators to tighten their own security controls using native AWS security services and features by automating the AWS WAT process.

  • A free trial that provides a one-time assessment license which gives the user the ability to import resources from AWS accounts and save configuration stacks.
  • A one-time assessment that has unlimited assessments up to ten days. The user can use the remediation templates as well as export the assessment results.
  • Ongoing protection that includes unlimited assessments, export, and remediation template usage facilities. This also contains the automated assessments feature.





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